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3-Inch Pool Chlorine Tabs (5-Pound Bucket)

Easily Chlorinate Your Swimming Pool, Hot Tub, or Spa with These Slow Dissolving 3 Inch Tablets - 12 Pcs in a 5-Pound Bucket!

- Cost-effective: With 12 tablets per bucket, these tablets are a great value and cost-effective way to chlorinate your swimming pool or hot tub.
- Safe: The tablets are made from safe materials and are designed to be used in a variety of swimming pool and hot tubs, providing safe and effective chlorination.

This 5-pound bucket of 3 inch swimming pool chlorinating tablets is the perfect way to keep your hot tub, swimming pool, or spa clean and safe. The slow dissolving tabs provide a long-lasting and reliable source of chlorine to keep the water in your pool or spa clean and clear. These tablets are easy to use and come with 12 pieces per bucket. They are designed to dissolve slowly to ensure you get the most out of each tablet. The tablets are also great for getting rid of bacteria and algae in your pool or spa. With these tablets, you can be sure that your swimming pool or spa is clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.