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C3 3-in-1 Pool Tablets
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Keep Your Pool and Spa Clean and Clear with C3 3 Stabilized Chlorine Tablets!

- Individually wrapped: Each tablet is individually wrapped for easy handling and storage.
- Cost-effective: The 50 lbs package provides a cost-effective solution for keeping your pool or spa clean and safe.

C3 3 Stabilized Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pool and Spa are a great way to keep your pool clean and free of bacteria. These tablets are individually wrapped and slowly dissolve in water, making them easy to use. Each tablet contains 50 pounds of chlorine, providing the perfect amount of chlorine to keep your pool clean and safe. The tablets are also stabilized, meaning they will last longer and provide more consistent chlorine levels in your pool. They are ideal for pools of all sizes and are easy to store. With C3 3 Stabilized Chlorine Tablets, you can easily maintain a clean, healthy pool.